Coffee Innovation Academy

IBA Ethiopia is working on establishing a Coffee Innovation Academy (CIA) together with Tøyenkaffe from Norway. The aim of the CIA is promoting and designing a modern and R&D based approach for a sustainable, circular and environmental friendly coffee production value-chain.

CIA works to build the capacity of farmers to help them cope with climate change challenges through applying innovative farming practices. Moreover, the academy motivates a tighter working relation between coffee testing experts, roasters and sellers with farmers to maintain the sustainability of the production pipeline; while allowing cross-functional way-of-working that brings creativity, newer and more exotic cup profiles that benefit both coffee producers and consumers. This also includes promoting a fair-chain business model guaranteeing a mutually beneficial transparent business model from the farmer to the end user. The Academy applies new technology and innovative approaches to explore new market opportunities and facilitate more transparent communication in the coffee value chain.

CIA will be a gateway to empower the entire coffee value chain in the country to be competent in the international coffee market and improve the foreign currency generation into the country. CIA also intends to contribute for job creation by incubating innovative coffee startups in the country.