About Us

IBA Ethiopia focuses on stimulating a sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship among Startups in growing markets in Africa, with a particular focus on Ethiopia. Our aim is providing assistance and follow-up to startups during their early stage of establishment. We assist with commercialization through seed funding and linking the startups with the right local and international investors for further scaling-up.

IBA Ethiopia has its origin from IBA Norway, which works on accelerating and strengthening small and medium size businesses and start-ups in Norway. IBA Ethiopia takes a leading role in linking the Norwegian business sector, start-up-ecosystem and public initiatives with the relevant and transparent projects to create a profound impact in Ethiopia.

IBA-Ethiopia has strong collaborations with investors, game-changers, startup-ecosystems, private and public institutions as well as Embassies in Ethiopia and the Nordics. IBA-Ethiopia contributs its part in the structural economic transformation of Ethiopia from an agricultural to an industrialized society with a strong and vibrant tech-led private sector participation.

We are a strong team with extensive experience and partners in business consultancy in the Nordics.

We have industry, tech and academic experience in incubating startups, mentoring business development, advising regional & carrier development, project development and implementation, data analytics, IT & digitalization, energy sector, consultancy in leadership development, scaling-up business, internationalizing and commercializing products, matching innovators with the right investors. We are agile and follow Lean mentorship for our startups. We create strengthbased startups to become self-supporting with their own trainers.


Our mission is to empower and commercialize innovative startups and bold entrepreneurs to operate in a sustainable manner in today´s competitive world to building a tech friendly Ethiopia.


A future where dynamic, innovative and sustainable start-ups transforming Ethiopia for good.

  • Assisting and providing follow-ups to innovative startups at their early stage.
  • Commercializing and building local and international networking to innovative startups.
  • Fosters technologically innovative startups.
  • Promote gender sensitive social innovation that focuses on women innovators.
  • Provide assistance and follow-up to innovative startups.
  • Provide technology and industry consultancy.
  • Contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 1, 5, 8 and 17.